about us

              Our mission is redefining the creative process to discover, develop, and define boundless artistry. To become the leader in artistry based production where artists are not constrained by the market and financial bottom-lines. As artists, we understand the pressure to create something to maximize profit potentials. At STP we promote and focus on the artistic potential of our projects. It is the belief that by investing in an unhindered artistic process, the result will reveal the optimum audience and its due overall success.

Michael Balderrama

Michael Balderrama has been working in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. Starting as a dancer / choreographer, he has since expanded his roles to include director, producer, writer, and creative consultant. In 2008, Balderrama co-founded R.Evolcion Latina, a non-profit organization dedicated to using the arts to empower the Latin community. After years of performing, Michael decided he wanted to start his own company and use his years of experience to create new artistic opportunities for himself and his peers. By combining his years on stage and behind the scenes, Balderrama brings a unique skill-set that balances the creative and business sides of the industry.

Marcus Paul James

Marcus Paul James has been working in the industry for over 15 years. A New York City native who has established his career as a singer/dancer/actor/choreographer. Marcus also is a successful singer/songwriter and recording artist and head the music division Silver Tower Records and producer and manager.  He also serves as the Social Media Director at the non-for-profit choir Broadway Inspirational Voices.  Being a unique artist himself, Marcus wanted to start a company and community that supports all artists and uses his wide spread skills to connect to the artistic and business worlds.


Krysta Hibbard is what we call the glue of the company. She has the rare ability to combine creative sensibility with organizational structure to help bridge the gap between the artistic and corporate worlds. Krysta's natural aptitude for project management balanced with artistic appreciation ensure timeline and budget success. Krysta also serves as the Associate Producer for Throughline Artists, a non-profit organization producing SUMMER SHORTS, a festival of new American short plays.